ageless beauty, livability, and lasting value


We take a personal approach to every aspect of our business. A dedicated team of professionals with more than 25 years of proven experience in renovation, we are founded on a solid commitment and respect for lasting relationships with our clients, subcontractors, employees, & community.  Our business practices are simple – combine strong communication, authentic craftsmanship, competitive bidding, ethical business practices, and efficient processes to create value and timeless beauty with every finished renovation.

No matter your budget, architectural design, renovation goals or personal style, Woodstone Renovation can partner with you to translate home dreams into comfortable reality. We are skilled at harmonizing new design ideas and solutions that naturally build in lifestyle conveniences and functionality but integrate and conceal their technology. The realized creation is timeless beauty in a setting built for the ages.

The  Design Process
Custom home renovation is complex and exciting because it combines imagination with physical rigor. The design-build process starts with carefully listening to the client’s ideas, assessing the home structure and environment, establishing a budget for the project and then beginning to execute a plan that translates your visions into comfortable living spaces.

For each project, we collaborate with architects, designers and project managers to offer insight on space, design  and character. We consult with subcontractors to better define and bid real costs, design feasibility, and any unforeseen challenges.

Everything we do as a business is built on a tradition of respect and integrity:

• Respect for the wishes and feelings of our clients.
• Respect for the character and integrity of existing space.
• Respect for materials and authenticity.
• Respect for quality, value and budget.
• Respect for subcontractors and suppliers.
• Respect for green building and the environment.
• Respect for each other and our community.

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