Popular Counter Tops for Your Home Remodel

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Choosing the perfect counter top for your home remodel is a matter of preference. Obvious things to take into consideration are its daily usage and functionality. Some counter tops are more kid-friendly and durable.

Natural stones continue to be the most popular choices. Granite, available in many colors and patterns,  is ideal for kitchen and bathrooms.  It is extremely durable, heat resistant, bacteria resistant, and almost completely stain and scratch proof. The only real con is that objects like glass will break upon sudden impact and chipping is possible. Marble, a softer natural stone is durable and timeless. The natural varied veining is what adds to its classic elegance. Carrara White has become a popular selection choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Marble’s disadvantage is that it  can be scratched by kitchen utensils and will become etched by acid substances. Limestone & Travertine  are softer porous stones that come in many warm colors, designs and finishes.  Both are not heat resistant and more prone to scratches and staining. Acids are not kind to these stones  so you must be extremely careful with citrus,vinegars, and wines. A better counter choice for an area with less traffic. Quartz counter tops are manufactured with 90-93% quartz with the remaining 7-10% of epoxy resin. Manufactured in hundreds of colors and textures to resemble all natural stones, it is non-porous and non-absorbent. It is stain-resistant and bacteria safe so direct food preparation is an option. It can not be honed, but it also does not require sealers, conditioners or wax to maintain its look or properties.  Stainless Steel is a modern and popular commercial choice  for counters in kitchens. Non-porous, it is stain and bacterial resistant. It can even be cleaned with bleach. The biggest con is how easily it scratches.

Your options are plentiful and it is not uncommon to choose more than one type of counter top in rooms like the kitchen in order to meet the many needs of your space. Our website features all of the surfaces discussed.


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