Making New Year Home Resolutions for 2013

January 4, 2013 12:21 am   0 Comments
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Creating a New Year’s Resolution List is as much a custom as the New Year’s Eve celebration. A new year offers a fresh start, a clean slate, boundless enthusiasm and energy to rejuvenate, and much possibility. The most popular and often broken resolutions involve spending more time with family or friends, becoming healthier, quitting self-destructive habits like smoking, over eating or drinking, reducing financial debt and saving more, pursing a new job or hobby, and finding or developing stronger relationships. (,29569,2040218,00.html) Many of these are no doubt on the top of your list for 2013, but how many of us, let our homes make it to this list?

Home resolutions are equally important considerations.  After all,  “a man’s (woman’s) home is his/her castle.”  It is our safe heaven to retreat to after a long, busy day at work, school, a social/religious obligation, sporting event, and much more. A familiar destination that accepts you unconditionally.  Your home should be comfortable, relaxing, inviting, efficient and safe.  In fact I would argue that if it is not meeting these well-deserved needs, it can be directly or indirectly  sabotaging your ability to follow through with your other 2013 New Year Resolutions.

So before finalizing you 2013 New Years Resolutions, think about these important home improvements that can enrich your life.

1. Be safe. Make sure your home safety equipment is properly working and clean. (Smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, alarm systems, furnace and duct work regularly cleaned, proper bathroom ventilation to eliminate mold).

2.  Organize and de-clutter. If you no longer use it, recycle or donate it.  Store seasonal clothes or hand-me downs away from everyday traffic.  Bins and Custom storage units can be personally designed and purchased for all rooms ( mudroom lockers, walk-in closets, kitchen cabinetry, or entertainment centers).

3. Re-purpose or Update Rooms to Improve Efficiency. Make your house more personal by converting an unused room into a home office, gym or sewing/crafting room. These changes are bound to save time and money while also positively improving your physical and mental health.

4. Make a Room by Room Wish List of Changes you want to make no matter how big or small. This can include new paint colors, updated lighting & hardware, or tile. Kitchen, bathrooms, and other heavily trafficked rooms are always smart improvements and investments.

No matter the type of resolution, you have a better chance of achieving it in 2013, if you make a plan. Write your resolutions down and keep them visible;share & discuss  them  with others, prioritize, and set realistic short-term and long term goals ( 30,60, 90, 180 days) for you to stay on track.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for good progress and cut yourself a break if you get sidetracked. Change is hard. It takes time and consistency but well worth it- which you and your home are. Happy 2013!


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