Laundry and Mud Rooms Designs

March 6, 2012 11:33 pm   0 Comments
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Laundry and Mud room designs deserve lots of attention. Location should be a priority considering its daily and often messy traffic. Depending on your family size, activity level, and available space, considerations well worth your while include designing  this multi-purpose room with plenty of  storage for all your laundry needs– sorting clothes, folding, hanging and ironing. Built-in shelves,  cabinets and a utility closet all  keep your organized and hide clutter when necessary.  A popular addition is designing  individual cubbies/lockers for family members to store their coats, back-packs, sports equipment, laptops and more. These rooms are often combined to create a special area for the family pet which may even include a utility tub. Other special features depending on your hobbies may be a gift wrapping station, a scrap booking area, or desk and chair to keep track of daily mail and family schedules.  Practical durable flooring, counter tops and seating are well worth your investment. Natural lighting, windows, and bright fresh paint colors also make this necessary room a family favorite.


No Matter the Size, We Can Design a Practical Laundry Room for the Entire Family.