Kitchen Triangles- Still A Design Essential

January 21, 2013 9:50 pm   0 Comments
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Are Kitchen triangles still a design essential?  Not completely but don’t throw away the concept either. Originally created in the 1940s,  when kitchen space was smaller and  usually occupied by only one cook, it’s value was making sure that 3 essentials-refrigerator, cook top, and sink- were all within close proximity to maximize cooking and prep work efficiency.

While these considerations are still important, the kitchen is no longer a place for just one cook and it’s purpose is multifunctional. Most modern kitchens are for eating, cooking, socializing, entertaining, completing homework, or surfing the web.

Today’s kitchen often include at least one center island, separate stove tops and ovens, multiple appliances for heating and warming up, extra refrigerators for beverages or wine,  a second prep sink, a large pantry and more personal conveniences.

The new kitchen can have 2 prep areas and thus 1, 2 or 3 kitchen triangles!

  • One kitchen triangle with the main refrigerator, stove top only, and prep sink. Usually a center island is a part of this design.
  • Built-in ovens, microwave, beverage refrigerator do not need to be as close. In fact, locating some of these extra conveniences away from the primary prepping area will reduce traffic and chaos.
  • The  larger washing sink should be located close to the dishwasher(s), garbage and recycling center.
  • Place a walk-in pantry  or built-in cabinetry close to the refrigerator or where the primary prep work will be completed. This makes putting groceries away and cooking easier.

Kitchen design always depends on your lifestyle and the overall space; take in to  consideration your family size and ages,  frequency of cooking/entertaining and the number of regular chefs.