Exterior House Colors

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Picking out exterior paint colors that reflect your taste and your home’s architectural style can be frightening. Here’s some ideas worth considering  to enhance the outside beauty of your home when choosing the right color(s):

  • Take a tour of your neighborhood. Harmony is definitely important when homes are close together as is the case with many city lots. Your color choice should compliment the other homes.
  • If your home has a particular architectural style, like colonial, prairie-style, cottage-like or southwest, respect the integrity of the original period. Certain colors are associated with different architectural styles.
  • Lighter colors enhance space while darker colors can give the illusion that your home is smaller than it is.
  • Bolder colors are nice accents on smaller elements like window trim or doors.
  • Consider the climate; colors look brighter in the sun versus an overcast sky or at sunset. Make sure you view color chips during different times of the day
  • The roof color needs to be considered  especially if it is not being replaced. It is a part of the overall color scheme.
  • Stone and Brick color schemes also need to be considered; what do you want to be the focus?

Choosing a house color that speaks to your individuality, welcomes your visitors and still compliments your neighborhood need not be boring. Let your exterior choices  set the bar for the rest of your neighbors!


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