Multi-tasking Efficient Kitchens

November 1, 2011 7:57 pm   0 Comments
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Kitchens today are designed for multi-tasking. Multiple chefs of all ages, casual dining, homework central, and social gathering are all typical usages for the modern family. Carefully review  how you ideally want to use this space. Possible considerations: think short and place a microwave where kids can use it safely; place healthy snacks and favorite dishes in cabinets on shelves they can reach; or add an island or snack bar with stools for after school homework and casual eating while socializing with the chef. Make recycling easy with  pull out storage cabinets and eliminate wasted steps by carefully designing your appliances, cabinetry layout, and floor plan to maximize this heavy traffic living space without causing congestion. Plumbing and hardware selections, lighting, paint, tile, and counter choices all help create the overall mood and desired functionality of the most popular room in everyone’s house!


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